In-camera Cubism

By typing “cubist photo”, and related terms, into Google image search one will find a lot of post-shutter spliced images.  How nice, doesn’t anybody do this geometrically, without resorting to a pair of scissors and glue (virtual or otherwise)?  Here is my crack at looking “cubist” using nothing more than camera and lighting.  (there was a mirror involved too.)


Cubist 1

This first setup was for experimental purposes only.  The principal virtue of using a shop dummy is that one can take a lot of time even if it is a cold evening.  They also don’t move around much and never complain.

Take 2 (to about 50) involved more care in the positioning of things.

Cubist 2a

Cubist 2a

Much happier with Cubist 2.

Below is what it looked like with the ambient lighting, together with a special appearance by an electrical outlet.


More to come…


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